At GlobComm we are the true solutions-based business. So when it comes to fitting our devices for our clients we find the best solution and then chose the right brand to achieve that.

We use RAM Mounts from U.S.A and Strike from Australia.

Tablet Mounts, Laptop Solutions, Car & Truck Mounts for all industry:

Agriculture, Aviation, Commercial Fleet, Government, Healthcare, Warehousing & Logistics, Public Safety, Work Trucks

Give your crew the lift of a modular mounting solution

Having quick and secure access to your hardware is crucial for the fast-paced environment.  RAM® Mounts is the perfect choice for securing nearly any device to your forklift, pallet jack or other warehouse tools. With RAM® Mounts, your bar code scanner, tablet or inventory management device is stored securely and even charging/syncing data while docked.

The innovative ball-and-socket design utilizes a patented rubber-coated ball providing superior hold and vibration reduction. Designed to be impact resistant and adapt to any situation, RAM® mounts are made in the U.S.A. and most products are backed with a lifetime warranty.

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