Thank you for requesting a demo unit for trial.

In submitting this request you agree to the following policy:

The standard loan period is 10 business days. This time may be extended at GlobComm discretion upon customer email request.

  • The demo unit shall be returned to GlobComm in due time in working condition without any damage, visible or otherwise. Any damage to the demo unit will be charged to a customer at a price of a new unit
  • upon return of a demo unit all customised applications/drivers shall be removed. GlobComm recommends performing a Factory reset when applicable or manually delete all and any files and drivers uploaded into the device during the evaluation period
  • any custom applications left on the device shall be removed by GlobComm Service Centre at a customer expense
  • a $100NZD deposit is required before shipping to you, which we will invoice you for which will be refunded upon return if no passwords (PIN, Security Codes, BIOS Passwords, etc) set on the demo unit systems for evaluation purposes still remain requiring us to re-image the unit
  • Retain all packing the evaluation unit arrived in and use the return courier label sent in the box


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