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New Accessories


Designed to fit our ST86, ST16, ST12 tablets these feature serial and 2*USB connections with key lock for security


Custom made for our ST11 by LIND USA. Available December 2018.

 Part Number  VPN  Description  RRP NZD 
 Accessory List for all GlobComm models     
 GC-ACC-DD  GC00001  Desk docking station ST16, ST86 $99.75
 GC-ACC-T42-GRIP  GC00002  Bluetooth handgrip for T42 $78.75
 GC-ACC-T52-GRIP  GC00003  Bluetooth handgrip for T52 $78.75
 GC-ACC-T62-GRIP  GC00004  Bluetooth handgrip for T62 $78.75
 GC-ACC-T42DD  GC00005  Desk docking station T42 $120.75
 GC-ACC-T52-DD  GC00006  Desk docking station T52 $120.75
 GC-ACC-T62-DD  GC00007  Desk docking station T62 $120.75
 GC-ACC-AA  GC00008  GlobComm Cigarette Car Charger $79.80
 GC-ACC-C-01  GC00009  Car holder(C-01) (window mount) $89.25
 GC-ACC-C02  GC00010  Car holder (C-02) Fixed mount $199.50
 GC-ACC-PP  GC00011  GlobComm replacement Point Stylus Pen $47.25
 GC-ACC-4-Point  GC00012  Four point shoulder harness $89.25
 GC-ACC-SP-8  GC00013  Screen Protector x 2 suit 8″ tablets $36.75
 GC-ACC-SS  GC00014  GlobComm 2-point Shoulder strap $47.25
 GC-ACC-SB  GC00015  Spare Battery (all tablets & handhelds) $99.75
 GC-ACC-SP-10  GC00016  Screen Protector x 2 suit 10″ tablets $36.75
 GC-ACC-RAM-MOUNT  GC00019  RAM Universal No-Drill Laptop Mount RAM Security Pin-Lock Kit for RAM Complete Laptop Mounting Systems RAM Adjustable Laptop Screen Support Arm – Lead time 60-days $651.00
 GC-ACC-WAR-2YR  GC00020  2-year extended GlobComm manufacturer warranty $199.50
 GC-ACC-ST11-MOUNT  GC00021  RAM Universal No-Drill™ Laptop Mount ST11  $551.25
 GC-ACC-Q531/532-VEHICLE  GC00022  Q531/532 Vehicle Dock Window Kit DIY $255.00
 GC-ACC-Q531/532-SB  GC00023  Q531/532 Spare Battery $115.00
 GC-ACC-AC CHARGER  GC00026  GlobComm wall charger $50.00
 GC-ACC-10-REAR  GC00027  ST16 replacement back hand strap $22.00
 GC-ACC-SB-ST16  GC00028  GlobComm ST16 replacment battery $130.00
 GC-ACC-SB-ST86  GC00029  GlobComm ST86 replacment battery $130.00
 GC-ACC-SB-T42  GC00030  GlobComm T42 replacment battery $99.75
 GC-ACC-SB-T52  GC00031  GlobComm T52 replacment battery $99.75
 GC-ACC-SB-T62  GC00032  GlobComm T62 replacment battery $99.75
 GC-ACC-RAM-FORK-C  GC00033  RAM C Size Ball Base with 1.5″ x 2.5″ 4-Hole Pattern, Double Socket Arm , 100x100mm VESA Plate with Ball $199.00
 GC-ACC-AA-K  GC00035  GlobComm Cigarette Car Charger ST12K, ST16K $120.00
 GC-ACC-AC CHARGER-K  GC00036  GlobComm wall charger suit ST12K, ST16K $140.00
 GC-ACC-AA-11  GC00037  GlobComm Cigarette Car Charger ST11 $290.00
 GC-ACC-CONVERT VG50-T2405  GC00038  GlobComm 72V (20-95v)converter for vehicle dock $270.00
 GC-ACC-CONVERT VG50-T4805  GC00039  GlobComm 36V48V (20-60v) converter for vehicle dock $270.00
 GC-ACC-DD-Kseries  GC00040  GlobComm K-Series Deskdock $190.00
 GC-ACC-VDST81  GC00041  Vehicle dock 8″ tablet 2*USB, LAN, Serial, Lockable $360.00
 GC-ACC-VDST86  GC00042  Vehicle dock 10″ tablet 2*USB, LAN, Serial, Lockable $360.00
 GC-ACC-VDST10  GC00043  Vehicle dock 12 inch tablet 2*USB, LAN, Serial, Lockable $360.00
 GC-ACC-DD-16K  GC00044  Desk docking station ST16K $120.00
 GC-ACC-EMDB  GC00045  Vehicle dock size B mounting hardware (VESA/arm/base) $169.00
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